Snapshot Day

A day in the life of Volusia County Public Library

Our latest snapshot took place on March 15, 2023. During this time, we documented the many ways people use library services. 

Library staff took pictures of activities, gathered statistics on usage and collected customer comments showing how patrons used the library that day.

Statistics collected from all VCPL branches

  • How many people visited the library?   3,748

  • How many library cards were issued or borrowers registered?  48

  • What was the total circulation for the day?  5,715

  • How many people used computers?  481

  • How many people were taught computer skills?  113

  • How many people did you assist with applying for government provided benefits (food stamps, social security, etc.)?  17

  • How many job seekers were helped?  16

  • How many reference questions were asked?  815

  • How many students were helped with homework?  12

  • How many adults & college age students (18 & up) attended a program, a literacy instruction class or a special event sponsored by the library?  220

  • How many young adults (13-17) attended a program, event or class sponsored by the library?  37

  • How many children (12 & under) attended a program sponsored by the library?  333

  • Number of Wi-Fi users?  2,672

  • Number of visits to the library web site?  6,960

  • Number of audiobooks downloaded  756

  • Number of eBooks downloaded  882

  • Number of music albums downloaded  36

  • Number of songs downloaded  75

  • Number of songs streamed  439

  • Number of movies/TV programs streamed  74

  • Number of magazines downloaded  62

  • Number of mango language sessions  20

  • Number of hours patrons spent on learning new skills  3


For our 2023 Snapshot Day: Spotlighting Volusia County Public Library, we asked “How does the library help you?” We received an overwhelming great response. Here are just some of the comments.

“Opens the door to worlds I will never see – historical novels that help me understand previous times; mysteries that keep me enthralled; books for my grandchildren when they visit and nonfiction that educates me.” Cathy

“The library is an essential resource providing anything you can think of. The staff is Beyond helpful and courteous. Sometimes I just come here for some peace from everyday stressors.” Evelyn

“I borrow books from Libby and Freading. Knowing the library is close by is reassuring as well. The library brings people together. I am here for the book discussion “Project Hail Mary”. The recommendations have been interesting to read and I enjoy them. They expand my choices and broaden my horizons.”

“The library offers me a place to decompress and read after work, an opportunity to interact with great people, and the resources I need to positively change my life. From workshops and programs to classics and cookbooks, the library has everything I could want or need, and it holds a special place in my heart.” Anastasia

“The library helps me learn about stuff, it is fun, and I love to read. I love the library so much. I love to come to the library. I love books and to read. Reading is my life.” *Riley*, youth patron.

“It is our magical place. We find all the movies, books we want, and limitless staff greet us! My daughter considers here the best place in town!!!" Julieta

"As a homeschool mom, the library helps us immensely! We love all the STEM programs, the Recipes & Reads, the Homeschool Huddles, etc…We very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into those and the kids love them too. It’s a safe, friendly environment, where you’re always welcome. We absolutely love & appreciate our libraries!!" Kristyn

"It helps me and my wife check out books to read, but more importantly, has grown the love of books in my two- and four-year-old. Almost 600 books checked out in 6 months!" -Mike K.

"Allows my family to read the latest books. Let’s our family do research for school projects; has available resources we don’t have at home. Quick turn around for requested materials, staff is amazing. The books for sale allow us to buy cheaper kids books for the younger kids. Our library even has cake pans to borrow!! Saves tons of money. Fax and copy machines if needed. Can’t forget the movies – a money saver! Thankyou – you guys’ Rock!!!" -Debbi Y.

"The library is a great resource that my family and I use for learning and fun. We enjoy exploring the books and displays. My six-year-old enjoys reading on his own partly because we started going to the library at an early age." Aaron

"My son when he was three started playing chess at the chess class here at the library two days a week, now he is a professional chess player. I’ve been coming here for years!" Ivan

"How does my library help me ---let me count the ways. 1. Great books to read & large print editions. 2. Best staff in the WORLD…who are always helpful. 3. Fun, Fun classes. 4. Computers & printers & tech support when I can’t figure them out😊" Susan

Volusia Reads Online Book Club

Volusia County Public Library has partnered with PBC Guru and Freading to create a virtual book club for patrons and the community.

The book for June - July is Before You Found Me by Brooke Beyfuss.

 How far would you go to save a child who isn't even yours? Before You Found Me explores the unlikely bond that develops between two abuse survivors and takes a deep dive into personal sacrifice, morality, and the healing powers of family--both blood and found--from the author of After We Were Stolen.

It's always available for download from Freading.

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