Library code of conduct

The Volusia County Library Services Division has established this Patron Code of Conduct to ensure that library facilities are safe, welcoming and provide equitable access to materials and services for all library patrons. Appropriate library conduct includes without limitation activities such as reading, studying, properly using library materials or computers and other similar conduct normally associated with a public library. This Patron Code of Conduct shall apply to all library vehicles, programs in the library and during outreach programs, buildings, interior and exterior, and all grounds controlled and operated by the Volusia County Library Services Division.

The following rules and regulations, referred to as the Library’s Code of Conduct, have been established for all library users – children, teens and adults. Anyone whose behavior is not in compliance with the Library’s Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the building. Failure by a patron to comply with an order communicated by an authorized Library employee not to enter the Library or not to remain in the Library for violation of the Code of Conduct may result in a request to local law enforcement to issue a trespass warning. A violation of law may also result in arrest and prosecution. Persons who violate this Patron Code of Conduct may have their photographs or video captured by the Volusia County Library Services staff.

Library users

In general, behavior that violates the law, behavior that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the Library by others, and behavior that interferes with Library employees in the performance of their duties, is prohibited.

When possible, staff will first educate individuals about the applicable policies before taking stronger measures to enforce those policies. Library staff is authorized to contact local law enforcement to respond to unlawful conduct.

Inappropriate conduct shall include without limitation the following:

  • Entering nonpublic areas of the Library Premises without permission.

  • Committing or attempting to commit any activity that would constitute a crime or a violation of federal, state, or local law.

  • Possessing, selling, distributing, displaying or using any dangerous weapon upon the Library Premises or using or threatening the use of any other object in such a manner that it may be considered a weapon.

  • Engaging in any physically intimidating or assaultive behavior; making any threats of violence or unlawful activities toward library staff or other library patrons; using threatening, abusive or obscene language. The Library has a policy of zero tolerance for threats and acts of violence. Any person engaging in such behaviors will be immediately trespassed from the Library Premises.

  • Possessing, selling, distributing, consuming or being under the influence of intoxicating beverage or controlled substance.

  • Refusing to follow the directions of staff to include failing to take shelter in an emergency as directed by staff.

  • Engaging in behavior that is disruptive, harassing, or threatening in nature to library patrons or staff including without limitation stalking, prolonged staring at or following another with the intent to annoy, or intentionally behaving in a manner that could reasonably annoy or disturb other patrons.

  • Engaging in any sexual contact, activities or conduct including without limitation the physical manipulation or touching of a person’s sex organs through a person’s clothing in an act of apparent sexual stimulation or gratification.

  • Excessive displays of affection in the library on Library Premises.

  • Selling, soliciting, surveying, distributing written materials, panhandling or canvassing for any political, charitable or religious purposes inside a library building.

  • Food and drink in undesignated areas of the library proper. Bottled beverages are permitted, provided they are tightly capped and they are not being actively consumed. Eating and drinking may be permitted in the library meeting rooms in accordance with the meeting room use policy.

  • The act of smoking or other use of tobacco products including electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco inside a library building. The act of smoking is permitted more than 50 feet from library buildings. It is not permitted anywhere on the Deltona Regional Library/LEC campus.

  • Public health codes must be observed. Library users must be fully clothed and wear shoes; bare feet are not permitted.

  • Emitting strong pervasive odors, including body odors, odors caused by perfume or cologne that unreasonably interferes with library user or staff comfort, safety, use or peaceful enjoyment of the library without limitation.

  • Loitering "the act of entering and remaining in any area of the library with no apparent purpose and without the apparent intent to use or examine library facilities located in that area."

  • Sleeping or giving the appearance of sleeping, lying down, napping or dozing in or on any floor, couch, table, or seat on Library Premises.

  • No one may threaten, harm, endanger, bully, or harass staff, volunteers, or patrons in any manner. Harassment may include inappropriate touching or comments, or questions of a personal nature, which may be deemed offensive.

  • Running, fighting, roughhousing and other disruptive behaviors. Use of non-motorized conveyances such as roller-skates and skateboards.

  • Talking on cellular telephones is only permitted in designated areas. Patrons using cell phones will be asked to step in the library lobby, other designated area, or outside to avoid disturbing other patrons. Sound equipment, laptops, technological devices or anything that transmits excessive or disruptive sound is not permitted without earphones.

  • No animals are permitted in the Library with the exception of trained dogs to assist the disabled as defined by the Florida Statutes and the Americans with Disabilities Act, or animals used for educational purposes as part of pre-approved library programs. The following script has been approved for use in library facilities.

  • "Welcome to the library! I see you have a dog today, so you are probably aware of the two questions I am permitted to ask: 1.) Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? 2.) What work/task has the dog been trained to perform? (If answers both): Great! How may I help you today? (If does not answer both or answers do not qualify): Thank you for answering the questions, it sounds like your dog does not qualify as a protected service animal and we’ll have to ask that dog go back outside. Can I walk with you to see if there is something I can do to help complete your visit"?
  • Using library restrooms or facilities improperly for purposes such as bathing, shaving, washing hair or washing or changing clothes.

  • Solicitation of any kind, including panhandling and that for charitable organizations.

  • The distribution of unauthorized materials is not permitted in the Library. Materials must be submitted for review and approval for posting and/or distribution. Space is limited and not guaranteed for the distribution of free publications.

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Library materials and property

Criminal mischief is prohibited, for example, defacement of the interior of the Library, including but not limited to walls, furniture, windows, defacement of the exterior of the Library including but not limited to walls, windows, plantings and shrubs and surrounding property. (Florida Statute 806.13)

All library materials must be checked out at a designated public service desk or a self-service kiosk. Theft, defacement and mutilation of library materials are criminal offenses. (Florida Statute 806.13)

Patrons must checkout materials prior to taking them into restrooms.

Materials must be kept clean and in good condition. Replacement charges are assessed for damaged library materials.

Each borrower assumes responsibility for materials checked out on his/her card unless the Library has been notified previously that the card has been lost or stolen.

Inappropriate use of library computers, such as the following, is prohibited.

  • Damaging or altering computer equipment, systems or software
  • Downloading or installing any program or files on the hard drive of any computer
  • Violating copyright or trademark laws, software license agreements or intellectual freedom rights

Using library materials, equipment, furniture, or buildings inconsistent with the customary use thereof; or in a destructive, abusive or potentially damaging manner; or in a manner likely to cause personal injury to themselves or others.

If the security gate in any library building sounds an alarm as a patron exits, the patron must return to the public service desk to verify that the materials were handled properly by library staff. All briefcases, handbags, backpacks, duffle bags, overcoats, shopping bags, luggage, and other packages may be subject to inspection.

Personal property

Bringing in items that occupy floor space in excess of 24” wide by 16” high by 10” deep is prohibited. Items are measured in totality and must fit easily into a measuring box of the above dimensions, with the exception of necessary human conveyances such as wheelchairs or strollers used for human transport. Bags left unattended anywhere on Library Premises will be discarded.

Interfering with the free and safe passage of library staff, patrons, or volunteers on Library Premises, including without limitation the placement of objects in hallways, aisles, flooring or elsewhere in a manner that impedes the free passage of such persons anywhere inside or outside the Library Premises.

Personal belongings cannot be left unattended in the Library.

The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left on Library property or personal property left in library materials. If a personal loss occurs, a staff member will assist the person in notifying the police of the loss.

Personal property will not be held at the Public Service Desks.

Lost and found items should be marked with the date and time an items was found.

Found items should be held:

  • Wallets and purses – hold four hours. Staff will attempt to contact owner first and then contact local law enforcement.
  • Smart phones, eyeglasses, jump drives – hold two months.
  • Hats, jackets, umbrellas – hold one month
  • Ear buds – throw away

Bike racks are available at each Library Branch. Bicycles are not allowed in the Library, the lobby or entranceways to the Library, nor can they be tethered to sign posts or landscaping. Electric bicycles and scooters too large to fit in the bike rack must be parked in the public parking lot spaces.

Animals may not be left tethered outside on the Library Premises.

Behavior and Supervision of Minors and Youth Services’ Areas of the Library

The Volusia County Public Library welcomes children. Parents/caregivers are responsible for their child’s safety and behavior while on the Library Premises whether the parent/caregiver is present or not. Library employees cannot function as caregivers or babysitters. The Library is not equipped—and it is not the Library’s role—to provide long-or short-term childcare. The Library assumes neither responsibility nor liability for the actions, care, supervision or safety of minors. For the safety and comfort of children, a responsible adult must accompany children under age nine (9) when they are using the Library Premises. This responsible individual must supervise, guide and control the behavior of his or her charge or charges at all times.

Inappropriate Use of Children’s/Youth Services Areas

Adults are permitted in children’s areas of library branches only when accompanied by a child or when the adult needs to retrieve materials from the youth services area collections. If the adult is not accompanied by a child, he or she needs to locate the youth services material and then move to appropriate adult areas on the Library Premises. If an individual does not comply with staff direction or repeatedly violates this policy, the individual’s library privileges may be revoked.

  • Adults and teens are prohibited from using the children’s area, unless accompanying a child twelve (12) years old or younger or needing access to the Library’s Children’s materials.
  • Adults and children are prohibited from using the teen area unless accompanying a teen age thirteen (13) – nineteen (19) or needing access to the Library’s Young Adult materials.
  • Adults and teens are prohibited from using any restroom designated for children. Children’s restrooms are for the sole use of children twelve (12) years old or younger, and their caregivers.

Suspension of Library Privileges

Patrons violating this Patron Code of Conduct may result in suspension of library privileges for a period of time commensurate with the severity of the offense, the patron’s history or policy violations, and any other relevant factors. Library privileges include without limitation entering the Library Premises, checking out library materials, accessing library computers, or attending library programs. Patrons engaged in conduct that poses a serious imminent risk to health or safety may be immediately expelled from the Library Premises without prior warning and with or without the assistance of library security or local law enforcement. A suspension may be indefinite if the offense is severe. Library staff is authorized to contact the local law enforcement to respond to such situations and police may issue a criminal trespass citation.

Internet use policy

Public access computers

The Volusia County Public Library provides patrons with access to the Internet to enhance the library’s collections and to provide access to information available only on the Internet.

The Volusia County Public Library acknowledges that the Internet is an unregulated medium that provides access to a variety of ideas, images, information, and commentary. Some of the information may be considered offensive, inaccurate, or controversial. Provision of this electronic information does not constitute an endorsement of the content by the Volusia County Public Library. The Volusia County Public Library cannot guarantee that information found through the Internet is accurate, authoritative, or factual.

The Volusia County Public Library receives E-rate and/or federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding. As a result, the Volusia County Public Library is required by federal law, specifically the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), to block and filter Internet access to visual depictions that are obscene, contain child pornography, or are harmful to minors. However, filters are inconsistent and may allow access to sites that should be blocked.

The CIPA allows the Volusia County Public Library to disable the Internet filter for adults (age 18 and over) for only two reasons: to enable access for bona fide research, or to enable access for another lawful purpose. If a library patron wants the Volusia County Public Library to disable the filter, or access a filtered website, the patron must complete the “disable filter request form” and submit it to library staff. Staff will review the request and make a decision within 72 business hours. Users in the children’s or teen areas of any library are not permitted access to filtered sites.

It is the policy of the Volusia County Public Library to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the appropriate use of library services and facilities for all users. Patrons using the Internet are subject to the Library Code of Conduct posted in the library and on the library system’s website. Failure to comply could result in law enforcement contact and a citation for “trespass after warning.”

Library users are responsible for their use of the Internet. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet. Since no filtering system is perfect, further restriction and monitoring of a minor’s use of library Internet access is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Parents or guardians may wish to review the resources available on, a web site that addresses rules for the safety and security of minors using the Internet to access web sites, e-mail, chat rooms, and other forms of electronic communications.

Wireless access

The Volusia County Public Library provides patrons free wireless access at all branches. Full access to the Internet is not available via the wireless network. The Volusia County Public Library does not allow patrons unfiltered access to the wireless network. All users agree to accept this service with no guarantee and no warranty. It is the patron’s responsibility to protect his/her information from all risks associated with the use of the library’s wireless Internet access. It is not a private network. Users are responsible for their configuration to access the wireless network. The library is not responsible for the loss of any information on personal equipment, the loss of personal laptops or other computer equipment due to theft or other illegal activity. Printing is not available via the wireless network.

All audio output must be accessed using headphones.

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